Puzzle In a Minute

  If you had a choice between a 3,000 piece puzzle with a picture of animals in a jungle, and a 1,500 piece Cottage Garden puzzle, which would you choose?  Earlier this month, I asked readers on my FB page to help me decide which puzzle I should work on. Guess which one I chose?

I think everyone picked the cottage garden, and since I don't have any real garden tours to post, I decided that was the best choice.

The fact that the 3,000 piece puzzle measured 48 inches wide may have a had a little to do with my decision too.....The only place I could work on it would be our basement family room...which is lovely and sunny...but I didn't want to spend what might end up being a week IN the basement...alone!

The cottage garden fit on a piece of cardboad that could be moved from the dining room table to the coffee table, if needed. I even got some help from Brian and Danica!

Much like a real cottage garden, it was a process that took a lot of patience...sorting out colours...deciding where each flower, tree, or shrub fit...working a little here, a little there, realizing something needed to be moved...stepping back to admire our work....watching a beautiful garden and cottage take shape. 

I decided that if I was going to do all this work, I should make it worthwhile and take photos as we went along. When it was all finished, Danica made it into a slideshow. (Thanks Danica!) She got it down to as close to 1 minute as she could....not easy, when your mom takes a gazillion pictures!



  1. I like the background music too:)

  2. Michelle, The ipad doesn't have a lot of choices for background music, so I thinks she uses the same three all the time. We need to look at how to add more one of these days.

  3. Sorry, Jamie...not sure I'll get to that one, but you never know....I might venture into the basement and hibernate for a while! The jungle puzzle is bigger, but I think it might actually be easier.

  4. I see you sort puzzle pieces similar to me. Now if only a puzzle could be done that quick :)

  5. Yes, I was very organized with this puzzle...had to be with that many pieces! Fun to watch it come together in a minute...but where's the challenge in that? LOL


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