19 August 2019

Clutter Or Keepsakes?

 In a previous post, I posed the question, "But does decluttering mean we're becoming minimalists?" For the most part, I'm a very practical person and a messy house stresses me out, so minimalism does have an appeal. But I'm also sentimental about some things. What I consider clutter is stuff that once had a practical purpose, but is no longer needed...clothing that doesn't fit, extra dishes, miscellaneous containers, old financial papers, pamphlets or magazines. The impractical items like mementos, gifts and ornaments aren't clutter to me. 

 If you too enjoy being surrounded by mementos and collectibles, this little peek into our new home is for you.

Downsizing and Decluttering

 One of the things I love about our living room is the bookshelves below the front window, spanning the width of the room. The great thing about small houses is that often they are designed with better storage and every little nook is optimized. These shelves are tucked back behind the couch but are easily accessible. They're filled with books, photo albums, games, puzzles, and even a few toys for our granddaughter.

 I was also excited to find that I had space on either side for two bookshelves that had been relegated to the basement in our previous home. Even our dogs enjoy this cozy nook in front of the window!

  I decided to take advantage of these shelves to not only keep our books close at hand but to showcase the many keepsakes we've acquired through the years. It isn't the item itself that is meaningful but the connection it has to a person or a memory. I can look at each item on a shelf and tell you who gave it to me or what it's significance is. 

 I've mixed in family photos, plaques and kids' artwork and gifts....and there's still room for more!

 This antique cabinet is on the opposite side of the room. It belongs to our daughter in law, and I'm not sure what I'll do when she finally comes and takes it to their own home. For now, it holds much of my Blue Willow collection from my grandmother, along with a few other collectibles.

 As much as I enjoy tiny house videos and decluttering websites, I know I could never truly be a minimalist. In fact, I sometimes wonder if those who have jumped on the minimalist bandwagon and gotten rid of all their 'things and stuff' will one day regret it. Will there come a day when they wish they had kept a collectible from their parents, or a homemade gift from their child? 


  1. That's beautiful Deb! I'm looking forward to decluttering my home and definitely I will be keeping some treasured keepsakes!

  2. I have gone to minimalist and de cluttered as well. Your viewpoint of finding a practical way of living is great!
    I did regret getting rid of a couple of things as I just followed a book and did what it said. One of them was my positive psychology manual and the other was all my yearbooks.
    Great blog!

  3. Somehow, I missed these comments! I'm so glad I've kept some keepsakes. I'm sure as time goes by I'll let more of them go, but not yet.


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