June Blooms and Random Views

June photo tour

Time for my monthly photo tour! All of these pictures were taken around our yard....a mix of wild flowers and perennials, and some miscellaneous shots. Hope you enjoy this little glimpse of June beauty!

Starting with these beautiful purple and white irises. I took a picture of them early in the month, thinking I almost missed them, but they have continued to bloom all month long!


purple and white iris

And then onto some of the wild flowers that grow all over our acreage.

wild flower

Can't leave out a good sunset!

prairie sunset

wild flower in sunset

prairie sunset

wild flower

This is a painted daisy...one of our perennials that grows among the false spirea hedge.

painted daisy

Manitoba wild flowers

Manitoba wild flowerSunset through a pine tree




wild rose

Brian brought these home and just put them in the ground until we could find a home for them...they seem to like it here in the sand!


I had to include this picture...I love these trees! We don't have many on our property, and of the 50 we planted, only a few survived...but these ones are thriving in the pure sand! I like to pretend my house is surrounded by them! One day it will be...these trees are producing a small forest with all the shoots they are sending out.
house through the trees

My beautiful fence and arbour covered in virginia creeper. It gets better every year!

virginia creeper on a fence and arbour

Another few of my forest in the making!
prairie field

Manitoba wild flower

And last, a pretty little shrub that Brian planted...but I can't remember what it is...maybe someone can tell me.
flowering shrub

That's it for June. I can't believe we're just a few days away from July...see you next time!


  1. Thanks for the tour. Your place has so much beauty.

  2. It seems like just a few weeks ago you were having a late snow. And now all of a sudden it's green and flowering. I love those irises!


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