Manitoba Sky Monday November 7/16

Starting off with a beautiful orange sunset, early in the week.

Thursday morning had some interesting clouds.
Blue sky, clouds

fluffy clouds over house
I had to get this one looking toward our house.
The whole sky was filled with these clouds.
And Thursday's sunset


Friday had the most beautiful skies all day!
It was hard to not post them all.
pink morning sky
I love sunrises,
but sometimes the best colours are found in the opposite direction.
Pink morning sky
I love the pink sky the sunrise produces in the west.
blue sky, wispy clouds
The midday sky was fun to watch too.
swirling clouds

It just got better as the day went on.

sun through swirling clouds



sunset under grey sky

sunset under grey sky

sunset under dark grey sky

sunset under dark grey sky

And another beautiful sunset on Sunday

Golden and pink sunset

Sunset over water

Thanks for stopping by!

Visit Skywatch for more beautiful sky photos.


  1. Really beautiful skies! Wonderful colors.

  2. Thanks everyone! Glad you enjoyed our Manitoba skies!

  3. You are very dedicated to taking photographs of sunrises and sunsets. I really appreciate seeing the skies in Manitoba. Manitoba is on my "bucket list." Have a great week-end.

  4. lovely! such a color lightshow. have a beautiful sky week~

  5. Wow, gorgeous colors and sunset photos.


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