1 June 2018

Plan B Living Our Dream

  While others may enjoy a career, or love to travel, those were never my dreams. For as long as I can remember, I just wanted to be a mom, and God definitely blessed that desire! 

 I've been a stay at home mom since our oldest daughter was a toddler. I enjoyed working as a health care aid prior to her birth, but found it extremely difficult to go back to work after she was born. I was so happy to be able to just be a mom, and not have to leave her to go off to work...even if my babysitter was my mom! 

  In 1987, we took things a step further, when I also became a homeschool mom. It's been a long journey....our oldest daughter is now 40, and our youngest is 11, so 31 years in we still have a ways to go before the final graduation!

LOL Well

  Then we made the decision to become foster parents in 1989...which is how our family eventually grew from 3 kids to 8. 

LOL Well
Our small family in 1985

LOL Well
Our family in 2009

  Helping kids, and at times their families, has been a big part of our lives. We've lost count, but over the years we've fostered about 300 kids, from babies to teens. Some stayed for a very short time, and others became a permanent part of our family. There were some difficult times, but those are far outweighed by the blessings. Although we're no longer actively fostering, we still provide respite care for other families.

LOL Well
How we spent Valentines Day 2009!

 Our family has now grown to include 16 grandchildren, and I'm not only a stay at home mom, but a stay at home grandma! I love spending my days with our kids and grandkids, and there's nothing that makes me happier than to have the whole family gathered together in the home Brian and I built together.

LOL Well
A family gathering 

  Yes, life was good, and we were thankful for all that God had given us...our family, our home, and Brian's job as a hotel maintenance manager. But there was something more we always dreamed of building....our own business. Maybe it's something that was instilled by my parents. Although Dad had a job outside our home, he and Mom always worked at something together on the farm...whether it was growing cucumbers, or strawberries, or flowers and vegetables for the farmer's market, or later in life creating a beautiful garden and rental cottage, they enjoyed working together. Building a business together is something Brian and I have always wanted to do, and early on in our marriage we did try our hand at a regular type of business. But our inexperience and high interest rates combined to make our restaurant a short lived venture. Over the years we made a couple of other attempts at home based business, but the timing wasn't right, and we weren't able to commit to the time and effort required.

Working from home

  With retirement age creeping up on us, our dream of a business was long forgotten. Then Dana, our oldest daughter, partnered with an amazing company, and we began using their health and wellness products. As we began to notice positive changes in how we were feeling, we couldn't help but get excited about these products. 

We quickly realized that this was something we wanted to be a part of. With no big investment, no inventory, and no risk, we knew this was the time to fulfill that long forgotten dream. With retirement years on the horizon, it wasn't too late to start our Plan B! 

 And that is how Living Our Lives Well came to be. We're excited to be able to continue helping others. We're able to educate people about safer, healthier consumer products, mentor them, and help them to build their own business.  
 To quote one of Brian's favorite expressions "We're living the dream!" But as the quote above says, "A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work." Somehow though, it doesn't feel like work when we're having so much fun reconnecting with old friends and making new ones....and there's nothing quite like the feeling of helping someone else make positive changes in their lives and to take a step toward their own dream!

Working from home