Manitoba Gardens....My New Blog

This blog may be under construction for a while, since it is early May, and Manitoba gardens are not yet in bloom. But as the season progresses, I hope to be able to share some beautiful pictures with you. So, please check back often for updates!


  1. Dear Deborah
    Just when I think that life is so frustrating and am down, the Lord sends me a treasure like you along my path!
    This is just what a needed today.
    The singing of the birds and the lovely Manitoba gardens
    Oh I was going to see if you knew Saija, but I see that you do!
    What a blessing she is and I think what a blessing YOU will be!
    You have also encouraged me that I had better do some more work on my Manitoba Roots blog.
    I am going to add you to my favourite links.
    Christian love, Terry

    Oh just wait till my husband sees and hears this blog. At the moment he is working on the car brakes...

  2. Terry...I am so glad our little garden blog has been a blessing to you! I wanted to create a nice peaceful place for people to come and relax, away from the cares of this world. We have been so blessed ourselves by Mom & Dad's garden that I just wanted to share it with others.
    They are now 79 and 80, and when we went out to visit yesterday, where did we find them, but out working in the up from winter. There were already a few flowers blooming!
    I hope you will visit often!

  3. I love all of these pictues and feel like it is a getaway..
    the birds chirrping do not bother me, I would never own a bird as I would be afraid to hold it...maybe I will have to blog that story that started my phobia...
    I love God's creation, and enjoy all the sounds and melodies.

  4. phobia is snakes...but I figured it wouldn't be a Manitoba garden without a Garter snake to scare me as I stroll through!
    We'll have to trade stories.LOL

  5. Dear Deborah
    My husband loved your site!
    When we left to go out this morning, he told me to leave it on with all those birds singing.
    It was nice to come home to that music!
    I am just sure that Amrita will love this site too!....Love Terry

    I hope that you don't mind that I took a bit of one of your posts and put it on my own!
    Our cat has a real perplexed look on his face..hmmm..I wonder why, eh?

  6. are welcome to share the garden with your readers! Send them on over...the garden is always open!

  7. Terry...I just came from your site...that was so nice of you to post! And I am so impressed with your computer skills! For anyone reading this and wondering what I'm talking about, I'll post the link to Canadian Blogger...Terry...also found on my sidebar.

  8. You have such a gorgeous garden. a lot of hard work.Do you have help?

  9. amrita...I'm glad you stopped by. My parents do most of the work, but last year they had help from family, as Dad was sick.


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